Dude!  That's so cool!
-Bob Schlotz

"It's what all those
80s arcade games should
have been-classic gaming
with modern sensibilities."
-Henry Pedro

The game is a breath of fresh air for a classic system, with a great mix of game play and "shout outs" to other iconic game legends! A wonderful project and hopefully the first of many to come!
-Jay Gallagher
What's NEW?

Pre-order Alien Downpour Now!
Release date is scheduled
for April 16, 2017, the 40th
Birthday of the Apple ][
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We're in Alpha testing phases now!
Features are being acivated and tweaked
So not all features of the game are
in yet.  Feel free to download the current
build of the game in Apple ][ disk image
Installing Downpour Alpha

       1. Load and run the disk image in your favorite emulator or write to a floppy disk.

System requirements:

The following hardware and software is required to run Alien Downpour.

  • An Apple ][ or ]I[ series computer with 48k memory or a modern computer with an emulator that will load Apple .dsk images. 
  • Nothing else really.  The game is keyboard control only right now.  Left and Right Arrows move.  Space fires

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